Project CONFIG, is a private industry research initiative working on concepts for the upcoming 5G network architecture. This initiative is supported by research institutes and universities.

This 5G network will be able to provide the forthcoming fully connected society with improved communications, able to economically interconnect billions of devices (“100 times more devices than today[1]”), able to provide large bandwidth everywhere (“1000 times larger than today”), faster response time (“5 times lower end-to-end latency”), and services across every access technology (“a fully converged network, with a core agnostic to the access technology”).

CONFIG develops concepts for the control architecture for such a 5G converged network to support the integration of a ubiquitous access continuum composed of (potentially millions of) cooperative, cognitive fixed and heterogeneous wireless resources.

[1] The reference numbers are taken from the Key Performance Indicators, as discussed and highlighted in the Technical Annex to the Contractual Arrangement setting up the Public-Private Partnership on the area of advanced 5G network infrastructure for the future Internet

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