With the MWC in Barcelona coming up in a few weeks’ time, I would like to invite you to join us at the InterDigital booth in Hall 7 stand C61 for a demonstration of our Next Generation Networking platform FLIPS. FLIPS is our IDCC technology platform that allows for providing IP-based services with quantitative and qualitative benefits that are hard to achieve (if at all) with standard IP technology. FLIPS utilizes the power of the overall industry trend to provide competitive service solutions on top of NFV-managed computing substrates and SDN-based switching fabrics. The result is a backward-compatible introduction of new routing technologies that meet 5G key performance indicators, specifically increased network utilization and low latency.

This year, we will be showing two demos. One will highlight the benefits of FLIPS in the context of HTTP-level streaming. The two main aspects here are the ability to deliver video chunks in personalized, yet quasi-simultaneous viewing situations in a multicast manner, therefore stemming the linear cost increase for operators when the number of viewers increases. For this, we will show the performance gain in the case of about 40 viewers that happen to watch the same video. While IP-based technologies will lead to the same number of video streams traversing the network, our demo will show that we are able to reduce this number to a single stream while preserving the personalized viewing experience! This is a tremendous opportunity for cost savings. Furthermore, we will showcase the dynamic addition of alternative playout points in the below-1s range for traffic localization, enabling low latency services that are executed nearby end users. In 2016, an earlier version of this demo was selected as an ETSI MEC proof-of-concept, highlighting the opportunity for flexible routing at the edge in facilitating mobile edge computing scenarios.

In our second demo, we will combine the benefits of FLIPS with our innovations of the IDCC video team. In our personalized virtual reality demo, we will show the combined benefit of a tile-based VR delivery solution, developed by our video team, with the dynamic multicast delivery that FLIPS enables. While the users’ individual VR viewing field will partially overlap, FLIPS can reduce bandwidth consumption by delivering overlapping chunks through multicast in a highly flexible and dynamic manner. We will also showcase the ability for content localization through alternative content playout points without the need for DNS indirections as another example for possible mobile edge computing in the context of virtual reality.

We hope that you will find time to join us at the booth for a demonstration, including more background information, visualizations and more. In case that you will not be able to join us, please do make sure that a colleague of yours would be stopping by. In order to best devote our time to you, it is advisable to drop me an email for fixing a possible slot during the MWC days!

Of course, please do feel free to contact me regarding any possible questions that you might have regarding our solution, regardless of any visit at our MWC booth.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Hall 7 stand C61 for a demo!

Dr. Dirk Trossen
Principal Engineer and Networks Team Lead
InterDigital Europe, Ltd.
London, UK


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