The CONFIG consortium is dedicating high attention to standards contributions. The bodies that receive the attention are NGMN, 3GPP and IETF/IRTF.

The NGMN 5G White Paper has served as a starting point for many aspects of the work, in particular the use cases described therein as well as the presented network slicing concept. The work endeavors to feedback to NGMN results from CONFIG contributing to future NGMN publications.

Through multi-partner agreements as well as individual company contributions, CONFIG results had he following impacts on 3GPP:

  • SA1 Rel 14: Smarter TR 22.891 v1.0.0 approved Sept 2015
    • TR 22.891 Use Case 5.1 Ultra reliable Communication
      Includes CONFIG use case on WAMCS (Wide Area Monitoring and Control Systems)
    • TR 22.891 Use Case 5.27: Multi Access network integration
      Map to CONFIG use case “Access Agnostic Convergent Core Network”
  • SA2 Rel 14 SA2 SID – Study on Architecture for Next Generation System
    • Currently Discussing Solutions for key issues

Projects members are active in IETF, such as the 5GANGIP group.


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